Since 1 March 2017, the Efficient Group has outsourced the portfolio management of the Efficient branded single-manager funds to various established external asset managers on a ‘best in class’ basis. These funds were previously managed by Efficient Select on an in-house basis. The strategic decision to outsource the portfolio management was made to enhance the long-term success and sustainability of the funds, as well as to reduce the costs of operations and the portfolios’ Total Expense Ratios (TERs).

Investors benefit from the ‘best in class’ outsourcing strategy through increased economies of scale, greater efficiency and more flexibility and access to a diverse set of experienced fund managers.

Boutique Investment Partners (BIP), tasked with the process of selecting appropriate managers for the funds, monitors the performance of the portfolio managers. To determine who the best portfolio managers would be, BIP did thorough research and followed a process of due diligence. The following asset managers are currently appointed:

Select BCI Fixed Income Fund Anchor Capital
Select BCI Cautious Fund
Fairtree Asset Management
Select BCI Balanced Fund
Fairtree Asset Management
Select BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund
BlueAlpha Investment Management
Select BCI Blended Equity Strategy Fund
Fairtree, Colourfield, Satrix
Select BCI Equity Fund
Fairtree Asset Management
Select BCI ESG Equity Fund

These fund managers have significant investment expertise, experience and strong long-term investment track records Their assets under management are sizeable, yet small enough to be flexible and nimble in a small market such as South Africa (SA).



Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries at info@efselect.co.za, or speak to your financial advisor.