The Efficient branded single-manager funds, which were previously managed by Efficient Select on an in-house basis, are outsourced to various established external asset managers on a ‘best in class’ basis. This strategic decision enhances the long-term success and sustainability of the funds as well as reduce the cost of operations and the portfolios’ Total Expense Ratios (TERs).

Investors benefit from the ‘best in class’ outsourcing strategy through increased economies of scale, greater efficiency and more flexibility, and most importantly, access to a diverse set of experienced fund managers. Boutique Investment Partners (BIP), is responsible for selecting appropriate managers for the funds, as well as monitoring the performance of the new fund managers.

The asset managers are as follows:


As of 1 March 2017, the service charges and performance fees of some of the Efficient portfolios have been reduced, resulting in lower future TERs.

* Efficient is in the process of listing class B on all LISPS at a service charge of 0.60%.