‘Best-of-breed’ strategy to enhance long-term success and sustainability

Dear client,

Efficient Group Limited will be outsourcing the portfolio management of the single-manager funds currently being managed by the Group’s asset management business unit, Efficient Select, on a ‘best of breed’ basis with effect from 1 March 2017. The decision to do this is intended to enhance the long-term success and sustainability of the funds.

Boutique Investment Partners (BIP), an investment consulting business unit within the Efficient Group, has been tasked with the process of appointing the new asset managers.

The following asset managers have been appointed:

Efficient BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund  »  BlueAlpha Investment Management
Efficient BCI Property Fund  »  Instit (Top 10 Equally Weighted Index Tracker)
Efficient BCI Fixed Income Fund  »  Ashburton Fund Managers
Efficient BCI Equity Fund  »  Investec Securities
Efficient BCI Cautious Fund  »  Fairtree Capital
Efficient BCI Balanced Fund  »  Obsidian Capital
Efficient BCI African Flexible Income Fund  »  Amalgamated with Anchor BCI Africa Flexible Income

“There are many advantages to a ‘best-of-breed’ portfolio management arrangement of this nature,” says Efficient Group CEO, Heiko Weidhase. “It enables us to benefit from economies of scale and to position the funds in our single-manager portfolio for maximum growth. This is expected to translate into greater flexibility and sustainable investment returns for our clients.”

We will send you more information on the newly selected asset managers in due course.

Efficient is currently undertaking focused organisational restructuring to accommodate the move.

With this is in mind, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who has been involved in achieving so much during this time. The hard work, dedication and commitment to client satisfaction at Efficient Select has been highly valued, both by our clients and within the Group.